Embedded Hardware Design & Development

Embedded systems are widely used in every industry. It is an amalgamation of hardware and software developed for a specific purpose. From designing a system to finding the right partner to manufacture the custom hardware product utilizing the best hardware components, we at HIRUN tackle every challenge for our clients and deliver the best in class hardware solutions. We have a skilled and experienced hardware engineering team that enables us to provide high-speed PCB Design and Hardware Product Design at a faster pace.

CPU Module Design & Development

This mainly comprises of Memory Unit, Control Unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit. So the main functions are to Fetch, Decode, Execute and store. We design the brain of a computer to perform these functions accurately at a high speed with enough storage.

Single Board Computer

Less utilized in offices or residents, single board based computers are vital for industrial electronics. Our experts design single-board computers that are compact, efficient and very reliable. These are used for automation, monitoring and controlling.

Base Board Design

Baseboards provide the connection between the System on Module (SOM) and the external interfaces in your system. We have developed hundreds of baseboards, from simple development kit cut-downs to integrating a wide variety of digital and analog interfaces to meet complex product needs.

PCB Layout Design

Printed circuit board (PCB) design brings your electronic circuits to life in the physical form. The PCB design is one of the most important design elements within the design of an electronics product. We offer the most innovative PCB design solutions that are fit for usage in an array of small to large businesses.

OEM 服务

"Original Equipment Manufacturer", here we adapt to your multi-vendor environment, manage relationships with multiple OEM and third-party vendors on behalf of your organization from a single point of contact. We use technology innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to proactively monitor, diagnose and resolve product or system problems.

Schematic Design

The schematic defines how the pins of electrical components are logically connected together on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This is where all the ideas that our design team has developed are collected and turned into working circuits. It’s time to dive into the world of advanced electronics design with the most powerful schematic design because It all Starts with a Schematic!

System Integration

While we have experts to develop every component separately, how can we go wrong in combining all of it to make the system your desire? We ensure all the components are well integrated and are functioning together in harmony for improved productivity.


We have a team of dedicated Quality Analysts to check the developments at regular intervals and track any deviations in a performance way before the delivery. We have a structured process involving functional and non-functional testing which ensures delivery of bug-free products with the best performance.

FPGA / RTL Design

We develop clean RTL codes to implement FPGA- based digital designs, working from specification to system integration. Our Product Engineering team perpetually endeavors to implement best-embedded solutions using FPGA Design 服务 to match them to your requirements.

FPGA / RTL Verification

As devices grow and become more complex resembling complete systems, the task of verifying such a system becomes challenging. Combined with the customer-centric business model and outstanding technical support, our verification methods with the latest tools ensure your project cost efficiency, 时间表 predictability, and fast verification closure.

PCB Fabrication Assembly

In the PCB world, PCB Fabrication involves only manufacturing the board itself. No soldering being done. PCB Assembly is the process of soldering components onto the board. HIRUN offers unique service of PCB fabrication and PCB assembly manufactured under one roof making it a one-stop solution PCB hub with experts working on it combined to meet your project’s scope, 质量, 时间表, and budget needs.